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Hello Marc,
It's Beautifull! Thank You very much!!
Brigitte Vanbilsen

Hello Marc,
Thanks for this beautiful symbiosis of passion, art and work.
Dear regards,
Elly en Nico

Dear Marc,
Thank you very much for the restoration of our litlle painting.The result is absolutely marvellous.We never thought this was possible. We have given it a special spot so that every visitor can enjoy it.
Marc and Lou

Dear Marc,
It is hard to find the right words to describe your service; here 's a try: The accompaniment of the client is more important to Marc then the commercial importance. His taste and knowledge of colours and proportions are extremely well trained . Is there anything better than to see that Marc himself is pleased over the work done. These qualities make the customer happy and satisfied;
Yves D.

Aloha Marc,

I really want to give you the respect and credit that you earn by writing this email.

You suck..!! No noo, i'm kidding. I have read the other reactions on your website and it feels like i am missing something ..and that is what i want to add.

"Ambachtelijk" Wat is Ambachtelijk?
Onze noorderburen zeggen vaak ''ambachtschap is meesterschap'.' En dan houdt het daar precies mee op ! Ik vind deze definitie van het woord -zacht uitgedrukt- koel c.q. koud. Wij zuiderburen zijn daarentegen met een andere warmte opgevoed.

What is a traditional craftsman?
Our Dutch neighbours often say craftsmenship is mastery and that is in my opinion a cold understatement. We southerners were raised with more warm feelings. Here is my definition of traditional craftsmanship: Craftsmanship means when a product is made by hand; this means also with original and traditional products. This stands in contrast with mass produced products. You have to be talented to differentiate yourself from massproduced items.Made by yourself , original and in the spirit of the old tradition. These products should be made with sweat and tears and love. Every object is unique because the master devotes his individual skill and attention to the material and the person he makes it for.Craftsmanship means exactly knowing where you start and finish. Craftsmanship means having an open mind and taking your skills to the highest level.

This my definition and I can find all of that in the work that you've done for us.

Thanks Marc, respect for your work.
Vitali family

You've done it again!What a wonderfull job! It took some time ,but eventually we found a spot for it. I had to do some moving of frames to give this one a more prominent place. I am very happy with it.Thank your daughter for the delivery. Wish I was 20 years younger…haha Grtz and till next time(I need two more frames, alltough i am running out of space).

Dear Marc,
We are very happy with the framing of the view on the canal; I am waiting for the offer for the other two.
See you soon

Dear Mr Sterken,

We are extremely pleased with the great care and skilfullness that we experienced by the restoration of our etchings and paintings(oblique, open corners, damaged ornaments.)Its was beyond our wildest expectations. We appreciate it very much that you take the time to advise us. Where there were choices to be made you were able to advise us without being pushy.

This is a thrustworty adress!!
Pierre en Annie

Testimony - to whom it may concern

Kerkfabriek St-willibrordus Eisden, vrijthof 14 3630 Maasmechelen. Chairman: Coolen Rik.
This is to certify that Artrestorationworkshop Galatea under the guidance of Marc Sterken has done a perfect job fort the Churchcouncil in the period jan- sept 2008 in restoring the following:

We most certainly recommend Artrestorationworkshop Galatea to make an offer for the restoration of the rest of our wooden art collection.
The Church council on sept 1st 2008

Dear Mr Sterken,
We received your message very well. Thanks! We are very pleased with the work done so far. We forgot the photcopy of "Napoleone" at your shop. Please be so kind to safeguard it for us.
Thanks again
Pierre en Annie

Hello Marc,
Thanks for your message; MARVELLOUS WORK. Its absolutely faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous to discover there are still craftsmen who can do this kind of work.
Congratulations and thanks again,

Hi Marc,
We want to thank you again for the wonderfull work that you have done with "La Reine Margot" She's back above the chimney and its absolutely georgeous.
Stef en Dorien

Dear Marc,
You exceeded yourself again with the wonderfull frames you've made especially for me, in 24 karat gold for my 400year old Goltzius; . I have been a customer for so many years now and still you succeed in surprising me again with your original frames and restorations. Your skill and integrity is down right fabulous.Please allways give my name as an endorser so that others can profit from your talent too.

Marc is the kind of a man that you keep talking with, somebody who absolutely is in love with his trade. Where do you find people like that?I passed his workshop many times before I took the time to pay him a visit in 2007.I brought some charcoaldrawings that were laying around in my house for years, rolled up. Hoho, show that to Marc…He took over and treated the drawings as if they were sick patients. We selected together the perfect frames and brought everything together as a masterpiece of perfection. I had nothing left to do ; Marc restores with precision and gives the artwork everything it needs.I am a happy man, because the works are timeless, they look at me and are preserved for light, moisture and heat for decades to come.Make sure you have time when you go to Marc. He knows a lot, especially his experience, also to be read on this website, is extraordinary. You don't just pay him a visit; it is like going to dinner….
Hats for you Marc!
Dr. Eric Vermetten

I want to thank you again for the outstanding framing that you've done for me.Both times that you have done work for me has proven to be of excellent quality at an acceptabele price; Also the extra wrapping was very much appreciated by its recipients. Again, thank you very much for being such a professional . You have ceertainly gained a new client;
Rien van Doorn

Hello Marc,
We are very happy with our restored officer and he's hanging there absolutely beautifull. Top Job!

Dear Mr Sterken,
Because i am so pleased with the work done on my oval frame i would like to ask you to frame the rectangular in your taste. I also want to frame my weddingbouquet.
Thank you beforehand
Magdalena Verhaeghe, Roeselare

Thanks for the wonderfull frame,-an understatement,-it really took me by surprise. It makes the simple ectching a lot more interesting. We haven't found the right spot yet, that will come later.
See you soon and thank you again
Katrien Vandermeersch

Good morning Marc, What a lovely copy! I am talking about the mirror off course that now shines in our hallway. We love it, comments are praising and i am glad to see myself in it (credits to the mirror, off course…)
Elke Cosemans

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