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Every work of art, made with love and craftsmanship, deserves the same approach during restoration. Rest assured that with Galetea, your artwork is in exteremly professional and safe hands. Have a look at the video »

Restoration of art on paper: etchings, drawings, needlepoints etc.

Thre are numerous factors which can lead to the degradation or decay of paper: bad storage conditions, unstable products in paper itself, poor framing, insects, pollution etc can all effect your artwork.
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Restauration of paintings

There are 2 groups: paintings on woven carrieres and paintings on wood, copper, glas and paper.
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Restauration of frames

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Marc Sterken is an acredited member of the experts association ARGVS therefore highly qualified to evaluate your insurance purposes, valuation for sale, etc...
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The value of professional art restoration

Art restoration is an exceptional craft that requires extensive knowledge of materials and technique. It is labourintensive and often complicated. It is, however, a misconception to presume that restoring is extremely expensive proceedure. Restoring is more about conservation, than returning the image, to its original state.

A correct diagnosis and accepting international deontology, where the authenticity of the artwork remains, is crucial.

"Restoring artwork means working with care and respect for objects made by others, because we respect their worth,, from whatever their origin, as custodians, to pass on, through our skills, oblects of art to future generations whilest preserving the Past."

Professionele restauratie

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